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Reiki and Crystal Healing

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Throughout the ages precious stones have been regarded as objects which can aid in the process of healing – this practice is called Lapidary Medicine.

Records show that the Hopi Native Americans, originating from Arizona, utilised Quartz Crystals in assisting the diagnosis of illnesses. Over in Europe, the power of crystals, crystal amulets specifically, were very popular during the Medieval times up until the 17th Century. Texts which we still refer to today, know as Lapidaries, were used as records for each stones specific healing powers.

Crystal Healing has had a resurgence in recent years as we strive to reconnect with ourselves, our Planet, the Universe through the rediscovery of our ancient traditions. At Equilibrium we use Crystal Healing in our Reiki Healing sessions to create an energy grid of healing energy around the client.This is achieved by placing specific crystals on the various body parts which correspond to the relevant Reiki Chakras

Sending Light and Love 

Stacie X

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