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Who are We?

Equilibrium Holistic Healing is proud to introduce a new era of Bespoke Holistic Healing. Our aim is to aid our clients in finding balance, happiness and soul clarity by helping them overcome their personal barriers in order to find their true life purpose.

The majority of our clients come to us feeling stuck in a rut, confused and anxious as to what their next step in life should be.  This can include being stuck in negative realtionships, an fulfilling job, in self-sabotaging behaviour or suffering from an overwhelming feeling of being lost in life and lacking in a sense of purpose.

At Equilibrium, we use Holistic Healing techniques to provide Counselling in order to resolve past trauma, stress, blockages and anything that is holding our clients back from moving forward in life.  We then Coach our clients to nurture this newly found confidence and sense of purpose in order to achieve true fulfillment and happiness in their lives.


Our company motto is 'Rediscover Your True Self' and we take great pride in helping each and every one of our clients work towards this.

What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic Healing is a form of therapy that considers all aspects of a persons wellbeing, focusing on their body, spirit and emotions as part of the quest for optimal mental and physical health. The primary goal of all holistic healers is to help their clients achieve balance in their life – in other words, achieve a state of equilibrium.

At Equilibrium, we use Holisitc Healing Therapies to offer both Counselling and Coaching to our clients.  By helping a client revisit painful aspects of their past, we help remove any blockages or recuring sabotaging behaviours created by these previous experiences.  We can then Coach a client to positively transforming their life and achieve an optimum state of well being and happiness.


Who Can We Help?

Have you ever been in your power one minute, feeling on top of the world and then, out of the blue, you feel completely out of sorts, like an unexplained negative emotion has riddled your body, mind and soul?  This could manifest as a plunge of anxiety, a surge of self-doubt, a reptitive thought that will not leave your mind, or a wave of depression and it makes no sense to you whatsoever. You are very much not alone and I, for one, have those moments too!

In our experience, being overtaken by these negative thoughts and feelings can be attributed to two main reasons:

  • Resurfacing of past emotional trauma and blockages 

  • Absorbing external negative energy 

I am passionate about wanting to help others because I truly believe that by confronting and resolving old traumas, whilst learning to protect against negative outside energies, we can work towards being in our true energy field, to be truly happy and able to live in the present moment.


The idea of dealing with past issues through counselling and therapy is a well know and understood practice but for some, the thought of dealing with external negative energies may seem a little harder to believe. However, I am sure everyone has had an experience of being around an individual or being in a sitation where they were overcome with negative feelings and thoughts which felt foreign to them and not their own. 


Whether you are at home, the office or out in public, negative energy from others can affect your emotions and happiness. We therefore ensure all our clients are taught to recognise these intrusive thoughts and feelings and are given the skills required to protect themselves and their happiness.

You do not need to be spiritual, religious or interested in the supernatural to benefit from this style of healing. You do not even need to believe that it works. We just need you to enter the process with an open mind and the results will come.


Our clients come to us huge a variety of issues they need help to resolve and our counselling therapies are ideal for helping to resolve:



How Can We Help


We offer a variety of Holistic Healing Therapies in our Bespoke Healing Sessions which are tailored to our Clients individual needs.  Our approach is effective for almost everyone, male or female of all ages and it is not just for those of a spiritual inclination. 

By taking into account the Belief Structure of an individual, their underlying issues/problems and overall goals, our Highly Trained Practitioners will design and implement a Bespoke Counselling and Caoching Programme in order help their client deal with their concerns and issues.

Sometimes opening up at first is hard, so we also offer Non-Talking Therapies which can be exceptionally effective method to start the healing process.

Counselling Online

​For all of the above Healing Therapies, we will be offering either In-Person or Online Sessions. 

If the Pandemic taught us anything, it is that the power of healing can still be sent with pure light and love and accessed through space and time.  The Healing is received as if you were sat in our London Holistic Healing Studio without the need to travel to and from your appointment.

Feedback from our clients have suggested that Online Counselling/Hypnotherapy/EFT Therapy Sessions are even more effective than In-person Therapy Sessions as they can be conducted from the comfort of your own home, where they have created their own safe space.  Our Team will advise on the most effective methods and techniques to clear your room/ house of any negative energies to ensure you are protected and at ease, both before and after your session.

Clients have aslo reported that they were able to maintain the euphoric post therapy state of mind longer, by removing the need to commute back from their Online Counselling/Therapy Appointment and risk being exposed to the stress and negative energy associated with travelling.

As part of the initial assessment consultation we will discuss with the client what counselling medium they feel would best suit them and their needs. To discuss further, please fill out the form below to book a complementary initial consultation.

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