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Distance Reiki Healing London

Reiki Distance Healing

Healing without Limits

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that the ability to heal stretches beyond the limit of time and space.  Distance Healing sends healing energy to reach the client or their nominated loved-one, no matter where they are in the world in relation to the Practitioner.  

This type of Energy Healing comes in many forms but what they all have in common is that despite being completed remotely, the Healing still conveys all the power and benefits of one of our London Reiki  face-to-face Reiki Healing sessions. 

The process involves an initial consultation with the Practitioner who, by using ancient healing symbols, carries out a Ceremony connecting themselves and their client together in a sacred healing space.  This type of healing enables the Energy to be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time, which can be weeks or even months later if necessary. 

At Equilibrium's London based Reiki Centre we use Crystal Healing combined with Distance Healing to assist with the Energy Vibrations.

Is Distance Healing for Me?

Distance Reiki Healing conveys all the benefits of in person Reiki but with the added advantage of being about send Healing Energy forward into the future:

  • Distance Healing Reiki is sent from our London Reiki location 

  • Send Distance Healing forward in time for Interviews, Surgeries, Weddings Days, Exams etc

  • Helps alleviate symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, OCD

  • Helps ease Stress, Traumas and Loss

  • Promotes harmony and balance

  • Dissolves energy blocks

  • Creates deep relaxation by Releasing Stress and Tension

  • Assists in cleansing the Aura

  • Supports the Immune System

  • Clears the mind and Improves Focus

  • Aids quality of Sleep

  • Accelerate your body's Self Healing ability

  • Helps Relieve Pain

  • Helps Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing 

  • Compliments medical treatment and other therapies 

Reiki Holistic Healing London

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The Healing Journey is Not For the Faint of Heart. But the Lifetime of Pleasure and Connection You Unlock is SO Worth It!
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