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Counselling and Healing Sessions are often are the first stepping stones along the road to inner healing.  We always include a Consultation as part of your Initial Counselling and Healing Session in order to understand what you are going through and what the next steps could be along this journey.


Always remember, whatever you are going through, you are one small decision away from changing your life - you are not alone and we are here to help.

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Relationship Counselling

As hard as it may be to admit, our closest relationships, whether that be family, friends, or partners, can provide our biggest emotional triggers and challenges. At Equilibrium we can help you address any past or current relationship that may be causing you turmoil.  Resolution of traumatic relationships offers the opportunity to achieve a peace and mental tranquillity you never thought possible.

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling is an effective form of talking therapy.   Sessions take place in a safe space, ideally in a home enviroman and look to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. In contrast to counselling for relationship problems, which can be undertaken solely through individual sessions, couples counselling is a term applied to talking therapy for two people within a relationship.

During a typical session, much of the work you do will take place within the counselling room (whether it be at home or at our Clapham Counselling Space) itself. However, it’s common that your counsellor will ask you to complete ‘homework’ in between sessions. This may be in the form of specific tasks or to discuss a topic together at home.

You will get the chance to talk about these tasks in your next session, discussing any challenges you came up against and how the experience made you both feel.

Whilst couples therapy is ideally suited to couples attending the sessions together, sometimes one partner is reluctant to attend, so you can look to speak to a couples counsellor on your own, to begin with. You might find your partner wants to join you after you’ve had some initial sessions alone and it can be helpful to intersperse couple sessions with individual sessions.


Confidential Counselling

It can sometimes be difficult to open up during a counselling session when discussing issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Allergies and Phobias. Our therapists will support all issues and will ensure the upmost discretion and privacy at all times.

Counselling for Loss 


At Equilibrium, our highly trained Counsellors will help provide the support required during a bereavement.  Often dealing with the loss of a family member or loved one can be one of the single most traumatic experiences we are sent to deal with.  It is therefore imperative that you can find the safe place to talk through your emotions, grieve and adjust to your new life.


The following testimonials were kindly given by clients who came to us interested in having Counselling and Healing Sessions to help them address their Anxiety, Depression, usually stemming from a past unresolved Trauma. Our Counselling Sessions can take place either in person, at our Clapham Counselling Studio, or Online via Skype or Zoom.

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