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EMF Blocking Crystals for Reiki Practitioners!

Updated: May 7, 2020

Much as been made in the popular press and Social Media recently about the potential dangers of exposure to 5G and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). Whilst the jury is still out on this topic, I think that we can all agree that limiting our exposure to man-made EMFs would be a prudent precaution to take.

EMF Blocking Crystals for Reiki
5G Protective Crystals

Crystals that absorb EMFs are Smokey Quartz, Aventurine, Diamond and Herkimers. Crystals that protect us from EMFs are Kunzite, Amazonite, Fluorite and Jasper. Wearing any of these protective stones will be of benefit during any period of exposure to man made EMFs.

Stacie's Top Tip..... An effective alternative to wearing the above stones would be to place them around EMF emitting equipment, around your bed and in the four corners of any room you are in.

Sending Light & Love

Stacie xx

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1 Comment

Tom Whitehead
Tom Whitehead
May 05, 2020

Love the idea of EMF protection in bed!

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