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From the Heart

The above message could not ring more true to me! If we hadn’t been through the the hardships, the heartbreaks and hitting rock bottom we would not be who we are today, right ?!  I know for sure that I would not have risen to the person I am today if I had not been blessed with all the highs and more importantly, the lows in my life. We are all on separate paths and there will always be storms, no matter where, when or who we are.  I have learnt that it not so much about the storm but how we handle the storm when it hits that is important. I am therefore truly grateful and blessed for my journey so far, the good, the bad AND especially the ugly.

From facing childhood and past life traumas, to heartbreak and loss, I have have embraced my fears by excepting and forgiving myself and others.

All the various Healings and Therapies I experienced throughout my 20’s helped me open up and confront the shadow side and allowed me to actually ‘listen’ to the voice within. This was a hard, long process and at times a very uncomfortable journey to take - the other option of burying my head in the sand would have been sooo much easier but no way near as rewarding! This journey of confronting the shadow side allowed the light to shine in, to accept who I am and most importantly, find Union within myself. A pure Happiness has emerged from inside me, growing from nothing but the love I have discovered for who I am and by accepting everything about me, good and bad included.

Do not get me wrong, we all have good days and bad days and I am continuously working on growing but we are only human right?!  What I now understand and have deeply excepted is that no one is perfect (what is perfect anyway??) but that’s OK! There is no time limit on the healing process but we get there step by step, day but day and have to trust in Devine Timing.

Things will continue to show up to test us but how else would we grow and learn? One thing is for certain and that is I am done with punishing myself for not being as perfect as the people I idolise. I have let go of the need to compare but most importantly, I have let go of the things I can not control. We are who we are and that’s more then OK. I have been truly blessed to have met some of the most incredible people along the the way and have, in my eyes, the greatest circle of humans around me I could ever ask for.

Through this journey I have found a Calmness, an Inner Peace and a PURE Happiness from within.

What else could a girl ask for️ :) Sending you light and love  Stacie X 

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