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Reiki Healing Crystals - ZEBRA MARBLE

At Equilibrium, we love to use Crystals in both our Reiki Healing and Distance Reiki Healing Sessions. Utilising Crystals amplifies the energy pathways as well as the energy field surrounding the body, thereby increasing the effectiveness of which ever Reiki Healing technique we are using at the time.

Each Crystal has individual traits and healing powers, so we are very specific about which Crystals we use in conjunction with each other during a Crystal Healing Session so as to ensure the most effective healing environment possible.

In todays post we will be discussing ……


Transformation Zebra Marble aids transformation and self liberation helping you to overcome inner discontentment and unhappiness in life by opening up new perspectives and bring creative solutions to your problems. Healing

Eases allergies and fortifies the kidneys, spleen, intestines, muscle tissue and the skin.


Solar Plexus

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